This is the latest development version. It is recommended to use the stable version.

Creating a Service From JVM Classpath

In case your application is using a JVM-based programming language and is able to include Java libraries, you can use the current JVM classpath to create a service.

    .withServiceFromJvmClasspath("s1", "target/classes", "**commons-io*.jar")
        .startCmd("java -cp ${FAILIFY_JVM_CLASSPATH} my.package.Main")

This method will create a new service by adding all the paths included in the JVM classpath as library paths to your service. Also, any relative, absolute or wildcard paths that comes after the service name, if exists in the class path, will be added to the service as an instrumentable path. This method will return a ServiceBuilder object, as such, all the regular service configurations are available.

As can be seen in line 3, the new classpath based on the new target paths is provided in the FAILIFY_JVM_CLASSPATH and can be used in the service’s start command.